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In progress detail that shows the process of layering and working with powdered glass (frit).

Frit Drawing on Glass

I respond to opportunities found in glass through the use of crushed glass powders and frits. I work with sifters, brushes, spatulas, and stencils. I combine and play off of existing and implied patterns found in nature and in the anatomical structures of the human form. A rich and varied play between positive and negative shapes are explored, whereby contrasting values, textures and patterns are woven together in an orchestration of subtle optical effects and nuances. 


Colored pencil on Rives BFK tan paper.


My traditional drawings on paper combine imagery through composite manipulation and geometrical layering of unexpected patterns generated from my personal surroundings


Working in Adobe Photoshop to composite and layer imagery.

Digital Imaging

My exploration of different themes oftentimes begins on the computer, using Adobe Photoshop for composite manipulation of imagery.


Detail from a serigraph.


I have explored a variety of printmaking techniques that includes serigraphy, lithography, and intagio.

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